Saturday 8 December 2012

I Suppose That It's Time

Last night Lynn decked the tree, not in the traditional Lanarkshire meaning of the the word decked as in "Jimmy decked him", no decked as in made the tree look as unlike a tree as it is possible to do with bits of shiny stuff, lights and more shiny stuff and a fairy on top with a tree up it's arse. So I suppose it's time to start posting my very limited season related songs that I actually like.

Here is a gem from a duo who again last Friday did not fail to produce a beautiful noise with just the aid of a guest drummer, another band who consistently produce the good live unlike some others I could mention. Sadly I don't think that I have ever heard them play this live, most of the time when they play in Glasgow it is October/November and a bit too early for this. My copy of this single is on a rather horrible green vinyl, really should have been white.

The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song

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