Monday 3 December 2012

Another week of full on work looms and I also have the prospect of my end of year review to look forward to on Wednesday.

"Now tell me Drew, what have you done this year?"

"My work".

"Could you expand on that?"

I hate all this guff. I thought that the whole point of having management was to oversee what us plebs do, so why do I have to take 3 hours out to tell them?

Back to the music and another brilliant piece of soul from a guy called Dan Brantley. Apart from the fact that he released half a dozen singles between 1968 and 1970, I know nothing about him, which is a bit of a shame as anyone who produces a track as wonderful as Please Accept My Love deserves to be well known. This song has brightened up my mood more than once, so my thanks go out to Dan at least.

The track was released on the SIMS label in 1968 and is a vocal version of Soul Serenade.

Dan Brantley - Please Accept My Love

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