Friday 21 December 2012

It's The Friday Before Christmas . . . Let's Dance

By the time you are reading this hopefully I will be slightly inebriated after having spent the morning getting L's Christmas presents up the West End and then meeting a good friend for drinks, sorry lunch  and basically having an afternoon sesh.

I always used to like going out dancing on the Friday before Christmas, so I thought that the occasion warranted a huge track but all of the ones that I was thinking of have all been posted before, so excuse me a bit of repetition, well it is Christmas after all.

Or so I thought, I was sure that I had posted today's track before, after all it is one of the seminal Techno/house tracks. But apparently I had somehow overlooked it.

Strings of Life is the work of Derrick May and was first released on Transmat in 1987 and has been re-released a few times since in various mixes.  The version posted is the Flam-Boy-Ant mix from the original release. It is strange that a tune with no bass line should become so important in the evolution of Techno.

Have a good weekend but remember it's going to be a long week so pace yourself.

Rhythim is Rhythim - Strings Of Life (Flam-Boy-Ant mix)


Anto said...

Huge, simply huge.

(the song I mean)

Drew, thanks for the cheer you have spread over the yr, musically anyho. Your soul selections have been a particular pleasure.

Enjoy the break and the season etc.

Swiss Adam said...

You don't want to leave those presents to the last minute do you?

Massive tune. One of the best.

dickvandyke said...

It's the 'amateur drinkers' who cause the problems on 'Mad Friday' drew, innit ….

Candice from Credit Control - tired and emotional with Hayley and Chelsea out of Purchase Ledger - having consumed a bottle of Malibu and confessed lustful thoughts but having been knocked back by Darren from Design, has just passed out in the uni-sex handwashing area of Wetherspoons.

Darren meanwhile is having none of it, and is way too busy getting stuck into Chantelle from Despatch.

At the 'cocktail bar' a fight's broken out over something trivial that's been simmering for nine months in the Loading Bay. Fork Lift Driver Trevor has had enough of the 'gobby Welsh puff' Euan and has duly chinned him.

**It's ne'er like this at davy's place.

drew said...

Brilliant Dickie

Orthotics Calgary said...
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