Friday 7 December 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

It's hard to believe that this track is over twenty years old, well in the Eren's Bootleg form anyway, the vocal comes from 5 years earlier. Not even that abysmal version by Florence and her machine can take the gloss of of this.

The pairing of  Staton's vocal over the track Your Love by Jamie Principle is sheer genius. It came out originally on the Love/Rock ep in 1989, the Eren's Bootlleg mix, the best known version is a slightly more polished version of that release. When dropped in clubs back in the day the rush of emotion was palpable even if you weren't off your skull on some mind bending chemicals. I wonder if it still gets a similar kind of reception these days?

Have a good weekend people and keep weel wrapped up.

Source feat Candi Staton - You've Got The Love (Erens Bootleg mix)


Simon said...

Nearly 4 years ago now, which is scary was the last time I was in a 'proper' club, which was playing a fair amount of old amidst the more recent stuff, this was 'dropped' and the place took off.

Even sober and stone cold I can hear the 'rush' in the track. Definitely a track that deserves it's classic status, and who would have thought that tunes from the beginning of 'dance' culture would become a standard, even an anthem in the way that 60s and 70s tunes have. Just goes to show though that it the whole rave into dance thing wasn't anything new, just a continuation of what went before, with just as much depth of feeling and great tunes.

Swiss Adam said...

Inexplicably good record, drugged up or not. Whenever I've played this record in one of my rare forays into public djing it goes down great- middle aged Mancunians like this kind of thing.

Darcy said...

A true anthem. And, unfortunately in a way, a standard too, as Florence's destruction of it demonstrates.

I am of course a complete Candi nut but it has only been this year that I have finally picked up not 1 but 2 copies of this on 12" out in the wild. Looking out for a 3rd now as neither are in tip top condition (because it is such a good record and so has been thrashed, what do I expect!).

davyh said...

I fall at the feet of the Darce and weep. Frequently.

drew said...

Si - 4 years ago, for me it is a bit longer than that sadly.

Sa - same thing goes up here.

I have had 3 copies of this in the last 21 years, Darcy, 2 of which were gubbed through over use. Have never managed to track down the original 1989 release.

Control yourself Mr H.

dickvandyke said...

You got the igloo up on the wee roundabout over the road yet?

Love that great photo and the juxtaposition of the deeply passionate latin american embrace -on a Tuesday night in the back room of the Airdrie WMC (Affiliated).

Walter said...

Wow - another great song. Thx Drew for one more song I've never heard before

drew said...

My pleasure Walter.

Dickie no igloo yet, snow has disappeared. But what gave the Lanarkshire couple away?

dickvandyke said...

Oh - the dado rail, curtains, radiator - he's prob got ginger hair and is head-butting her. That kinda thing.