Thursday 25 October 2012

KeepingItPeel 2012

Not sure how many bloggers are doing something this year as I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

Anyway, I was going to pick something a bit different this year, maybe a bit of Pink Floyd, Led Zep or Deep Purple, yes all three did record more than one session for Peel, with The Pink Floyd recording six. So Peel did promote the dinosaurs that the bands he later trumpeted wanted to destroy.

In the end I've decided to pick a track from the first session by the band if I was ever forced at gunpoint to list my favourite bands would be number three on that list.

Everybody knows who the Jesus and Mary Chain are,  probably the second most influential British bands of the 80s. Back in October 1984 it was a different story, very few people had heard of or were prepared for the beautiful racket that the brothers Reid, Douglas Hart and Bobby Gillispie were making.

Magic stuff

Tracks - In A Hole, You Trip Me Up, Never Understand, Taste The Floor. Recorded 23/10/1984, aired 30/10/1984.

The Jesus and Mary Chain -  Never Understand


Anonymous said...

It's a bit quieter this year.
Thank you for taking part.

Anonymous said...

never tire of them, haven't seen you posting any of the solo stuff!!