Monday 29 October 2012

The Loss Of Another Soul/Jazz Legend

Sad news which I read about over at The Ghost Of Electricity, about the death of Terry Callier at the age of sixty seven.

I first heard of Callier as a teenager when I first flirted with northern soul and subsequently  got my hands on Ordinary Joe and Look At Me Know on a couple of compilations but I didn't investigate any further until the late nineties when he was signed to Talking Loud and released a couple of brilliant 12" singles and a couple of sevens which led to a rennaisance in his career and further albums being released on the Mr Bongo label the latest of which was released in 2009 and a collaboration with Massive Attack.

Here is the track that led to the discovery of Callier by a whole different group of people in 1998.


George said...

Sad news indeed. By the way, been to see The Fall yet?

drew said...

George, has there been a rant about him yet? The gig is at the end of November.