Thursday 11 October 2012

An Unreleased Gem From The Black Ark

I love a bit of Lee Scratch Perry and the other Sunday when I was in the town with my mate Colin and perusing the shelves of Monorail in between pints of cider I spotted a double album of unreleased tracks which had to be purchased as it was the only thing that day that had grabbed my attention and there was no way that I could go home without purchasing something, well it would have been rude for a start.

I eventually got round to listening to the album last weekend, prising the Dexy's album off of the turntable for nearly 70 minutes, a record over the past few months. Anyway in amongst the brilliant dub tracks this really soulful reggae track from Candy McKenzie got me to sit up and pay attention. It is from a "lost" album recorded at the Black Ark in 1977 which was passed on by Island at the time which to me is unfathomable if the rest of the album is as sweet as this track. The track shows that for all his eccentricities Perry could also produce what I would call sublime soulful pop music.


Candy McKenzie and The Upsetter - Long Enough


Anonymous said...

This is amazingly sweet! Thanks.

Swiss Adam said...

That's very good indeed

anto said...

she recorded and album with perry as part of a 3-piece female harmony group called 'Full experience' not released due various bad vibes issues. Scratch was after having his blow up with the Congoes and was beginning his slide into ..whatever his mental condition is called. great song all the same.