Saturday 6 October 2012

Bad Bowel Retention

After the debacle that was Airborne Toxic Event at the Arches, Stiff and I left the venue insisting that, that was it we had banned ourselves from the venue on the grounds of the shit sound, we also decided that that was the last time that we would go and see ATE as well due to them not dealing well with the shit sound and going off in the huff. Decisions that neither of us would find that difficult to keep.

That was until a fortnight ago.

Not for the first time the complete bastard that is Mark Edward Smith has put us in a dilemma. After the last two disgustingly bad performances in Edinburgh we both vowed that we would never go and see the Fall in the capital again.  But Glasgow was a different matter as neither of us had ever seen the gruppe at anything but their best there.

Now Smith has decided that the Fall will play the Arches, of all the venues in the city it had to be that one. It was discussed in depth last week at the football, in between watching Airdrie getting beaten yet again and we decided to think about it some more.

So that night after a few glasses of rum I came to the executive decision to purchase the tickets, we will now be going to see the Fall at the Arches on Wednesday the 21st of November. This is definitely Smith's last chance,  another shite gig and that's it!

Here is a track that has come out of the back catalogue, been dusted down and had an airing live recently.

The Fall - Container Drivers(Peel Session)


George said...

You're going to regret this. You know you are. By the way, today's Guardian has an obit. on Frank Wilson.

dickvandyke said...

Leave it drew. He aint worf it.

Swiss Adam said...

How many last chances does the man get? This is starting to sound like a soap opera.

Anonymous said...

it's an abusive relationship which must stop.