Monday 29 October 2012

Nothin' Can Be Sadder Than A Glass Of Wine Alone

Here's another tune that was featured in its original form on the film Dirty Dancing. Here it is given the deep soul treatment by another singer who should be a household name but sadly never really made it.

Betty Harris was born in Orlando, Florida in 1939. Cry To Me, released in 1963 was her first hit and the first of three singles recorded for the Jubilee label. In 1964 she started recording for the New Orleans label Sansu being produced by the legendary Allen Toussaint.  She appears to have given up recording in 1969 but returned to the live circuit in 2004 and in 2007 recorded a new album. Not sure what that sounds like but on this single and the subsequent couple I have she can really belt it out.

Sorry Solomon but Betty Harris' version kicks yours right in to touch.


Betty Harris - Cry To Me

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