Monday 20 August 2012

That's Not Love

Here's a track that I used to be tortured over when young and wanting to be seen as  the cool, knowledgeable soul fan with impeccable taste.

That's Not Love was pop song, not northern soul I was told and should not be taken seriously, but those drums, that beat, the anguished vocals not to mention the Spectorish production what's not to like? It wasn't until about ten years ago or so I felt comfortable enough to admit to myself how much I liked this record. Fucking sad isn't it? But that is another facet of northern soul.

While I'm in such a confessional mood I would also like to put on record that I bloody love Wayne Gibson's cover of Under My Thumb. There I've said it and feel all the better for it.

Holly St. James - That's Not Love


George said...

Just heard this track, jolly good. But Jasmine Kara is simply tremendous, Should be number one on Top of the Pops.

drew said...

It's got absolutely no chance of getting to number 1 George, there's no vocoder or autotune involved.

Anonymous said...

I love Skiing in the Snow by Wigan's Ovation. There's always somebody less less thn you somewhere you know.

drew said...

Anon - doesn't that feel better letting it out, although I understand why you would wish to remain nameless.