Saturday 25 August 2012

Eve Of Destruction

When I first heard this song in the early 80s it wasn't just the lyrics that depressed me but also the fact that almost twenty years after it was first recorded the world still seemed to be on the eve of destruction.

Although we no longer seem to have the threat of Mutually Assurred Destruction hanging over our heads there is still far too much bad shit going on for my liking. I despair when this week it appears that the western world is more concerned with one spoilt, rich sponger getting his kit off in a hotel suite in Las Vegas paid for by the taxpayer than the slaughter going on in Syria.

Still, it's a good song, innit!

Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction


George said...

Yes, very impassioned. Now what about some Croatian surfing music?

Anonymous said...

Superb Drew have to say one of my favourite songs of all time.

Son of the rock

drew said...

Glad you enjoyed it SotR