Sunday 26 August 2012

Croatian Surf Pop?

On Friday night over at the Bagging Area in reply to a comment by George about posting some surf guitar sounds I somewhat disingenuously posted that I had a full album of Croatian "surf guitar" bands covering Ennio Morricone's Spaghetti Western scores, the album actually includes bands from Italy, Sweden, Canada, Australia as well as Croatia but all would fall under the term of "surf music" I suppose.

The album is absolutely wonderful and one which alas I can take no credit in finding. My copy came from Stiff who was given it by his older brother Bat, of the 1977 - 82 tape fame. How he was first put on to it I don't know but will ask next week at the football.

I've had a look on Discogs and there are no copies to be had and on Amazon there are two copies of the cd for sale, the cheaper one being $146, which it is definitely not worth, so I take it it is pretty rare. so if you're lucky enough to find a copy, good on you but I'm sure that a full download can be found if you like what you hear.

Cosmonauti - For A Few Dollars More

The Langhorns - The Vice Of Killing


George said...

Looking forward to this. Thanks very much.

George said...

by the way, the 2nd link doesn't appear to be working

George said...
you really should look at this and what he's got for sale, it looks tremendous.

drew said...

Second one now sorted George, thanks for the link.

Swiss Adam said...

Good work Drew

Anonymous said...

nice one