Friday 24 August 2012

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I  became aware of Soul II Soul in mid 1988  when I bought the Feel Free 12" their second release.  It was not a bad single, very chilled beats but the bpms seemed a bit slow for my liking. There was nothing in it to suggest that by the end of the following year the collective of musicians, DJs, singers etc would have 4 top ten singles in the UK, one of which would go to number 1 for four weeks be the 5th biggest single of the year and a triple platinum album and this was when such things still really meant something.

There was no bigger act in British dance music in 1989 than Jazzie B's crew. Back to Life was everywhere you turned, constantly heard on the radio and when out. But my favourite was the follow-up Get A Life, not sure why maybe due to the ubiquity of it's predecessor but from the moment I heard the strings at the beginning and the laid back groove I was hooked.

Soul II Soul never really did it for me in the same way again and I sort of lost interest the following year. Playing Get A Life again last night for the first time in ages iot still sounded fresh which can't be said for a lot of stuff from that year.

Have a good weekend people

Soul II Soul - Get A Life (Extended mix)


Swiss Adam said...

I was thinking of posting this song, the only Soul 2 Soul record I own.

Kippers said...

Keep On Movin' was bloody marvellous as well. And both videos are very memorable and evocative of the time.

Anonymous said...

never could understand what was so good about SIIS.

drew said...

Not a fan then Ctel?

Anonymous said...

Not in an actively opposed sense, more just thinking it was pleasant but nothing more.