Sunday 12 August 2012

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Anyone who has read this nonsense for any length of time or who has clicked on the Acid Ted link on the right hand side will be aware of the excellent blog that Ctel produces on a daily basis and may well know about Ctel's previous work where he incredibly eruditely, under what would have to have been the most difficult circumstances at times wrote of the daily trials and tribulations of his family's fight with their son's brain tumour.

For a while now Ctel has been trying to artists to contribute to a compilation, where all of the proceeds will go to two charities who focus on this horrible disease and finally on the 04th of August this labour of love saw the light of day. I would like anybody who has ever downloaded anything from this site to stop by here, read a little bit more and download the album. If the music is not really your cup of tea or you can't really afford to pay for the whole album just click on the link in the posting and give what you can but it would be cool to maybe see the compilation in the iTunes charts.

So at a time when we are all feeling good about ourselves in the wake of the success of the Olympics make yourself feel even better by foregoing a couple of pints this afternoon or not buying that top you don't really need anyway and donate the money instead to something really worrth while like finding a successful treatment for childhood brain tumours.

I have never had the good fortune to have met Ctel but JC tells me that he "is one of us" and I have found no evidence to doubt him, apart from his loathing of the Fall but he is not alone there. I have one thing in common with Ctel and that is an obsession with most of the output of Andrew Weatherall and so thought it fitting to post the only mix of his of One Dove's Transient Truth that I have not previously posted.

One Dove - Transient Truth (Squelch mix)

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