Sunday 19 August 2012

Coldcut Meets The Orb

Swiss Adam over at the Bagging Area mentioned the new Orb album yesterday something that I'm looking forward to as I have really enjoyed the last couple of albums.

It wasn't always thus. During the late 90 early 2000s I found their output somewhat patchy and inconsistent but would still buy most of the stuff.

I once took Stiff to see The Orb live at the Barrowlands in about 92/93 with hilarious results. Stiffs stlye and demenour is not one which fitted in with the stoner/clubber look of that time leading to one very paranoid guy stoned out of his tree, in Bairds, the pub next door being somewhat too apolgetic when he spilt Stiff's pint mistaking him for a local. Round about the Barras you don't mess with the locals.

It also lead to us having a lot more space round us when in the gig as I'm sure that he was being wrongly tagged as being DS as he looked as out of place as a plain clothes Special Branch officer at a CND rally.

Enough rambling, here is a nice wee mix by Coldcut and The Orb given away free by Ninja Tunes a couple of years ago. Just the thing to accompany Sunday brunch.

ColdCut Meets The Orb

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Swiss Adam said...

Enjoyed the Orb Lee Perry track from yesterday