Wednesday 29 August 2012

Live With Me

The first time Max set eyes on Mark Lanegan at Latitude last year he said "who's that scary man dad!" and I have to agree with him, Lanegan is not the sort of fellow that you want to hear utter "did you spill my pint?" in your general direction. L assures me that there is something appealing about the man, can't see it myself but there you go.

Over the past six years or so Lanegan has been a sort of vocalist for hire working on projects with the likes of Isobel Campbell, Soulsavers and Greg Dulli as a member of the Twilight Singers and the Gutter Twins. I have been lucky enough to see him with both of Dulli's bands and on quite a few occasions with Campbell. He is certainly a presence on stage but tends not to get involved in banter with the crowd, I say tends, I really mean doesn't whatsoever.

As I said above Lanegan and Dulli have collaborated on numerous occasions, one of my favourites is an ep released in 2006 where they cover the Massive Attack single from the same year. Where the Terry Callier vocal is soulful and pleading in parts, the Twilight Singers version is far more brooding and menacing, I for one wouldn't be taking him up on his offfer!

Twilight Singers - Live With Me

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Swiss Adam said...

I'd forgotten about this. Its really good isn't it.