Tuesday 6 March 2012

Send For Me, I'll Be There

"Not more soul" I hear you say.

In a word, yes.

Never knew why this was included on a northern compilation,  as for me the tempo is way too slow but it is such a good song. The b-side of the 1965 release Ooh Honey Baby on Mira Records.

Earl Cosby - Send For Me I'll Be There.

Couldn't find a scan of the label, so here is a nice picture of a 1978 Lambretta GP, lovely.


davyh said...

Anyone popping in here saying "Not more soul" doesn't deserve you, frankly.

dickvandyke said...

Wow. This is just the ticket.
Keep sifting bonny fella. Even those that swoop, lift and save (without a by your leave) appreciate it.

Anonymous said...


howdoesthatonegoagain said...

Well Anonymous, that's just churlish.

I'm all for as much soul as you're prepared to chuck at us.

Thank you.