Wednesday 21 March 2012

Gosh, Thanks George!

Well it's budget day in the UK and if Newsnight is to be believed we should all rejoice, well the 1% of us who earn more than one hundred and fifty grand a year, as we will no longer be paying 50p in the pound on our earnings over that amount.

Do you fall into this category? No, me neither but let's not get involved in the politics of envy.

 As has been stated many times, the tax was only bringing in a billion a year,  as those fine,  upstanding citizens were finding ways to avoid paying it. But do they get hunted down like the "dole scroungers" or benefit cheats"? No they get a fucking tax break to incentivise them into paying their share.

My question is, if these fuckers don't like paying their fair share,  what makes the heir to a wallpaper fortune and future baronet think that they will pay his more progressive taxes and not find perfectly legal ways or not so of avoiding them?

I'm sure the 23 millionaires in the cabinet will be happy with the tax break.

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Mr Lovely said...

Grrr, this makes me so angry.

If the 50% rate was so ineffective, then why are they so eager to scrap it - surely just leave it alone?

Swiss Adam said...


George said...

I agree with Swiss Adam.

Maria said...

I disagree with you. "Fair share"?! The rich already pay a much larger pct. of their earnings to taxes. Most people making more than 150K have made sacrifices, worked hard, or simply have marketable skills. "Fair share" is not the correct term to use. "Politics of Envy", however, is.

drew said...

Maria, you are entitled to your opinion, as is your right. But please enlighten me on some of the sacrifices the likes of Sir Philip Green have made.

I also work very hard as do nearly everybody else I know who is fortunate enough to be in employment and have no problem with paying my taxes. In fact I am rather peeved off at the Scottish Government for allowing people like me who could afford to pay for their prescriptions not doing so.

And why shouldn't those who make the most out of the country put the most back in?

As for the politics of envy, I don't envy anyone, I am quite happy with my lot. I do however get pissed off with members of an elite group telling me we are all in it together when clearly it doesn't apply to the likes of them or their Bullingdon Club chums.