Thursday 8 March 2012

People Get Real

Here's a track from back in the day when Saint Etienne seemed to effortlessly pen quality dance/pop crossover tracks. Unlike their latest single, Tonight,  the first in seven years which, to me feels like they are trying too hard. I'm really not sure what I mean, the track is okay but there is something about the production that irritates me which makes the track seem a little insincere.

Doesn't change the fact that this track is brilliant and deserved to be a single in it's own right and not a double a side with Join Our Club.

Saint Etienne - People Get Real


flycasual said...

I desperately want to like the new single but something about irritates me too, I just find it a bit bland. Shame. Thanks for the track, classic!

Simon said...

Probably my favourite band of all time, but I can't get to grips with the new stuff either. Maybe it will grow. I didn't like Good Humor the first time I heard it either, and now I love it to bits.

Anonymous said...

very nice drew thanks

son of the rock

Alex said...

Haven't heard the new stuff but I agree about this track, always thought it was underrated.

Sac Prada said...
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Philip Hunter said...

Great number; ta for the upload Drew!
Up for covering this..