Wednesday 14 March 2012

An Inward Revolution

In the early 80s after disbanding The Jam and forming The Style Council, Weller also set up a record label, Respond Records. Tony Burke  and Julie Hadwen wrote to Weller asking him to sign their band, Big Sound Authority after seeing an advert seeking artists for the label. The band went on tour with other groups rostered to the label and were offered a contract, the band, however decided to sign to MCA Records offshoot Source.

The band scored a hit with their single, This House and went on to release another 3 singles and an album for the label before they split up in 1986.

I always liked Big Sound Authority and owned This House, the follow-up, A Bad Town and a live tape recorded from Radio 1 In Concert but for some reason never bought the album. So when I saw An Inward Revolution for two quid in Oxfam Music for two quid I bought it.

Although the album sounds very much of it's time, especially the brass it still sounds good to me especially Hadwen's vocal. The track posted is the one that was the highlight of the live recording for me.

Big Sound Authority - My Hell Shaped Room


Simon said...

Love some of the album, think too much of it is too slick mind. They were a lot more raw live.

But good vocals, Hadwen had (probably still does) a great voice, but Tony Burke's Costello-esque vocals were pretty good too. My favourite track is Loverama, which has a really good lyric. There's also a live track that was released on a live single in a double pack with This House called In The Hands Of Love which I always loved. Alongside Soul Man

Sac Prada said...
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dickvandyke said...

Hey lad. Thanks for this. 2 of your Scottish pounds is a tremendous buy.
I was 1 of the 89 folk who bought it.
Like opening a window in a packed commuter train on a sunny day; it has to be done - if only for a breath of cool fresh air.