Tuesday 20 March 2012

I'm A Man

Dug out my copy of the Blow Up compilation yesterday and ripped it, so this will probably not be the last slice of groovy late 60s tunage you will hear over the next wee while.

The Spencer Davis Group - I'm A Man 

Cool, huh?


Stephen Morris said...
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Stephen Morris said...

Very cool indeed. And believe it or not, so is Chicago's cover of it from before they went soft rock.

Chicago Transit Authority - I'm A Man (1969)

Mondo said...

The Wynder K Frog - versh gets my vote. Paul Tunkin of Blow Up is a really old mate of mine (since we were 16)

Bit of breaking news for you. Check out Dave Woodcock , I pitched him at Paul a while back and he offically signed to Blow Up yesterday.

For more Blow Up beats check out the latest from The Bongolian

Tedloaf said...

Good golly Mondo, I haven't heard that since since I bounced about on a rickety pier in Lowestoft circa '87 or so....skill. Actually, may have heard it in a Paul Tunkin set but I'm goin' back....