Tuesday 31 August 2010

Off To Sunny Spain

I'm off to Madrid in the morning for four days of fun and frolicks, not.

Four days of long hours pouring over the minutiae of protocols and coming to the conclusion that things aren't going to be as easy as people thought they would be.

Here is another belter of a northern track from the essential, For Millionaires Only cd from Goldmine.

The Magnetics - Heart, You're Made Of Stone


davyh said...

Get some time out there, do - esta es a splendid city: head for the studenty bit (Southish, I think - though my aged memory may deceive me).

Word verif = 'infackin' (as in 'infackin Madrid?').

Simon said...


Mondo said...

Have a tear-up matey

Swiss Adam said...

I know the work bit's shit, but going to Madrid can't be all bad. Great track also.

davyh said...

Yeah, I went to Bromley for work today.