Monday 23 August 2010


While clearing out a load of old books yesterday I found the above picture of my Vespa Grand Sportique I had when I was 17. Not the best of pictures but I don't tend to keep photos so it's probably the only one I still have.

When I got this scooter it came with front crash barriers with 12 mirrors attached and a whip ariel, which were quickly binned. I loved the chrome panels and the King and Queen seat on that scooter and it used to make this lovely distinctive ring ding ding noise when you revved up the throttle.

The Who - I've Had Enough


Simon said...

I started singing that song as soon as I saw the title, you turning into a mod now???? Lol

drew said...

Too much class ever to be a mod, lol.

The original title for yesterday's post was going to be Mod Life Crisis but I thought it too naff

Simon said...

Sell that to Weller for his next album!