Friday 13 August 2010

Just Because

I have just played this, on 7" vinyl, I may add and feel that everybody should start their weekend with a belter.

The Ronettes - Be My Baby


dickvandyke said...

Oh my.
Is there a better start to a single? 3 seconds and whoah!

All the best with the Rockin' Beats.

davyh said...

Brian Wilson called it 'The greatest pop song ever made' and he might be right, you know.

drew said...

DVD - I don't think so.

Mr H - I think he was right on the money, must have heard it hundreds of times but it still produces goosepimples and a shiver.

Simon said...

Oh damn fine!

davyh said...

I actually dated Ronnie for a while before Phil told me to stop.

I thought it best not to provoke him.

drew said...

Wise move Mr H