Friday 13 August 2010

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

A few weeks ago, I foolishly stated that I didn't really care to find out that much about the artists producing the tech house and other dance music that I was buying at the moment and that Rising High were correct when they labelled it all "faceless techno bollocks".

Well, that old proviso be careful what you wish for came into effect last week when i bought a couple of brilliant 12" singles. Somebody is definitely taking the piss as both of these twelves come in generic white inner sleeves and hand stamped, one with Voyage Direct series and the other with fb06#.4.26. and that's your lot,  the sum total of the information I have on these slabs of vinyl.

Now I know I said that I wasn't that interested in the artist that much but is giving a name to your tracks too bloody much to ask for? Jesus.

Anyway, here is the first track on the second side of the Voyage Direct single, with a little investigation I have ascertained that the record was produced by Dexter and it's called Not The Only Girl ep. As for the other twelve, I can't even be bothered but it is magic.

Dexter - Not The Only Girl Side B 1


niv said...

fb06 = Frozen Border 06

davyh said...

Is that on at the right speed?

All the best with 'dropping' your 'banging choonz' tomorrow dear boy.

dickvandyke said...

What lovely hair that girl has. Fragrant too, I would suggest.

drew said...

Cheers Niv, but is it to much for them to give a track a title?

Yes Mr H it is.

Sweaty is the word you're looking for DVD