Friday 27 August 2010

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Well you can dance to this if you want, I however have no idea how you would go about dancing to drum & bass as I've never been to a drum & bass night. I prefer to listen to it either through headphones or with the volume cranked right up so that the walls start to shudder.

Photek is the alias of one Rupert Parkes who has been making what would come to be termed as drum n bass since 1992. In the mid 90s he released some absolutely brilliant 12" singles such as Rings Around Saturn, The Seven Samurai and Hidden Camera. Parkes' style was to use atmospheric samples and bits of jazz noodling with mental drum patterns and huge bass sounds.

UFO was the double a side of Rings Around Saturn and was released in 1995. It starts with a real sample of the dialogue between two American soldiers who appear to be encountering a UFO while stationed in the UK. This single was definitely of it's time as this was when the X Files popularity and interest in everything extra terrestrial was at it's height.

If you like the track, the best thing to buy would be the Form and Function album which collects together all the early singles and remixes of these tracks.

I think that it is an absolutely brilliant track.

Have A Good Weekend

Photek - UFO

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