Saturday, 10 April 2010

You Keep Calling Me By Her Name

There has been a distinct lack of soul on this blog over the last couple of weeks.

Here, to remedy this oversight, is a belter of a track for a Saturday. You Keep Calling Me By Her Name was originally released on an independent label called Starville and was piclked up by Chess and released as the b-side to I Don't Mind in 1967.

I know absolutely nothing else about Amanda Love.

Amanda Love - You Keep Calling Me By Her Name

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adam said...

"Soldier, in a curious land
All across a swaying sea,
Take her smile and lift her hand —
Have no guilt of me.

Solider, when were soldiers true?
If she's kind and sweet and gay,
Use the wish I send to you —
Lie not lone til day!

Only, for the nights that were,
Soldier, and the dawns that came,
When in my sleep you turn to her
Call her by my name."

Dorothy Parker. Why should Mr Davy have all the poems?