Friday, 2 April 2010

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Today it's time for my favourite acid track of them all, Acid Over by Tyree.

I pulled out the 12" single the other week and by the state of the vinyl, i must have played it on a few occasions as there are more crackles in the first minute than in huge bowl of Rice Crispies and it is actually quite painful to listen to. So I have posted a version, which is good but not quite as good as the one I had originally planned.

Acid Over was first released on Underground records in the States in 1987. My copy is on FFRR and was released over here in 1988. The track had a huge effect on the evolving acid house scene in the UK and became an anthem over here. It is rumoured that Tyree (Cooper) called the track Acid Over as a statement of intent as he was sick of all the acid tunes coming out of Chicago and this was to be that sound's death knell. Didn't quite work out like that, well not in the UK anyway.

Tyree - Acid Over (Tyree's mix)

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