Tuesday 6 April 2010

At Last

 Let battle commence, at long last.

The Housemartins - Think For A Minute


ANCB said...

Regarding Blogger takedowns, I've now had 11 DMCA notices on the old ANCB site, and it's still there...so maybe we've been over cautious.

That's the main reason I've left the old site live, so we can find out just how many chances you get.

Regarding your post, the Lib Dems are sounding better and better each day...still not 100& convinced by ANY of them though, is Lord Sutch still running?

davyh said...

That poster, an April Fool, is actually a bloody sight better that that awful Gene Hunt one they went for....Sheesh.

drew said...

The Labour Party should employ the guys responsible for that poster, it was a beaut and had me going for a while.

I do however like the idea of people saying, see that Cameron he's a right Gene Hunt!

drew said...

ANCB - you may just have been lucky as quite a few I know of have been taken down.

Regarding Lord Sutch it wouldn't surprise me, tho' heis dead.

Swiss Adam said...

So who to vote for? There are now a whole generation of voters for whom voting Tory doesn't carry any stigma. I have to say I'll consider voting for Labour just to keep the Tories out. Think the Gene Hunt poster was a poor job.

Kippers said...

I'm going to waste my vote on the Lib Dems, as ever. Still, got to give it a go at least.

drew said...

Kippers, get off the fence, you only end up with a sore arse.

Artog said...

I don't know, Labour have done some good things but nothing like what you'd have hoped a Labour government with their majorities would have done. Admit it, the Lib Dems are more radical on tax and Trident. Maybe if they got in they'd back pedal furiously, but Labour don't even make the promises anymore.

Our MP's Vince Cable, you cannot deny he knows the score. And he gets the train home - man of the people.

drew said...

As you say Artog, the Labour Party have done some good things, however it wouldn't have mattered if they had eradicated childhood poverty and boom and bust, the illegal Iraq war overshadows everything.

The alternative, however is too scary to think about, especially north of the border where I fear it will precipitate independence which i for one don't want.

Your MP is one of the people and does know the score, Clegg on the other hand I don't trust one bit.

Steph Mulrine said...

I want that campaign poster above my bed!

I'm with you Kippers. I'll vote Lib Dem and sigh.

Artog.. I am beyond jealous. The Cable is dreamy..