Wednesday 21 April 2010

Saturday Soulfest

In honour of Miss Ally's upcoming soulfest and to get those going in the mood the soul keeps coming.

If I didn't have an appointment with a certain Mr Smith in Edinburgh and I was in London on Saturday there would be no where else I would be than upstairs at Betsey Trotswood.

Where is that I hear you ask?

Well that would be at 56 Farringdon Road and a bargain at under a quid to get in.

You may remember this track's use in a cat food advert (catfood! FFS) a few years ago, with music this good not even that fact can taint it.

Rubin - You've Been Away


Simon said...

Love that song.

I grew up within walking distance of the Betsy. If I still lived in London that's where I'd be going...

Anonymous said...

I used to work right beside the Betsey at no. 60!
And I might just be in London this weekend, volcanic ash, travel chaos permitting! 99p you say? Bargain.