Monday, 19 April 2010

I Was Definitely Made For These Times

Now I don't tend to be anything but incredibly grumpy of a Monday morning, as anyone unfortunate enough to have car shared with me in the past will atest to,  so the idea of posting a perky, happy piece of indie pop goes against the grain somewhat. On the other hand I have had quite a good weekend, even though I spent most of Sunday cleaning up the pit that M calls his room, with one eye on the telly as M was watching dvds of the Doctor and Rose battling with the Daleks.

I was first made aware of Hello Saferide about 4 years ago when the quiz was played on 6music, it was funny and quirky and the Swedish accent had me hooked and I went on the hunt for the ep Would You Let Me Play This Ep 10 Times A Day? When I eventually got my hands on it, it didn't disappoint and I therefore went out and bought the album which had been released the previous year which was to be honest more of the same but it really struck a chord.

The single I Was Definitely Made For These Times was released in 2007 and again I just loved it, with lyrics like " I can make the meanest daiquiri, I can quote all of high fidelity" to a faux northern soul beat what wasn't to like.

There has been a lot of great indiepop coming out of Sweden over the past decade what with the Labrador label, The Acid House Kings, Sambasadeur and The Radio Dept, to name but a few. The last time I was in Lund with work, I mentioned this fact  to a colleague and especially the fact the The Radio Dept were from the town. a fact which he and his co workers were totally oblivious of.

Hello Saferide - I Was Definitely Made For These Times

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davy h said...

I love her stuff - 'Anna' and 'Arjeplog' from the last album especially brilliant.