Wednesday 7 April 2010

Von Sudenfed

Yesterday we had a track by god today the track features the person whom my wife thinks could possibly be auld Nick, himself.

It's been too long since the dulcet tones of MES have been heard round these parts.

Today's post comes from Smiths's 2007 collaboration with Andi Toma and Jan St Werner from techno producers,  Mouse on Mars under the alias of  Von Sudenfed. The three had initially collaborated on a single in 2004 and decided to make a full album. Tromatic Reflexxions was released on Domino records and duly failed to set the world on fire.

In December 2007, Smith issued a statement on the Unofficial Fall Website saying that 2 Von Sudenfed gigs had been cancelled due to Smith being sacked by the German duo. This should be taken with a pinch of salt but if true must have been a novel experience for Smith more used to dishing out sackings to band members.

The new Fall album, Our Future Your Clutter is out on the 26th April. I managed to get a snidey copy the other week and it is the most consistent album for me since 2005's  Fall Heads Roll, although it doesn't have anything as brilliant as Blindness it is well worth getting your hands on, even with probably the worst cover art of any Fall lp and that is saying something.

The gruppe start a UK tour on the 24th of April at Studio 24 in Edinburgh, although I think that somebody is taking the piss, with the tickets being priced at nearly 30 quid for that toilet, last time I got both nights at the Renfrew Ferry for less than that.

Von Sudenfed - Fledermaus Can't Get It.


Ed said...

Studio 24 really is a dive. I bought the Von Sudenfed album, as well as the 12" single and the original 12" they put out together as Muse on Mars feat Mark E. Smith 'Wipe That Sound' - great records all, IMHO!

drew said...

Ed - They are great records.
I can't believe the promoters have chosen Studio 24. I believe that the venuee is owned by Wattie, responsible for one of the worst punk bands ever, the Exploited. Not too enamored at the thought of giving him my hard earned cash.