Friday 16 April 2010

Its Friday . . . Let's Dance

Alright, I think that we have flogged this horse enough.

Here are the last of the tracks which made me turn my back on the majority of conventionally, guitar, bass and drums bands for a good few years. I didn't really start to listen to much which wasn't based around a fat bass and a dance beat until after all the Britpop stuff had died what in my view at least was a none too quick death.

Here is an absolute classic from  Larry Heard, in his Mr Fingers guise. Can You Feel It was released on a 3 track 12" single on the legendary Trax label in 1986, the other 2 tracks being  Washing Machine and Beyond The Clouds. But it is Can You Feel It that does it for me and was played everywhere for a good few years.

Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It

Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It (Alternate mix)


davyh said...

It's a cold lager starter followed by Vino Torres tonight, with a Nigel Slater spicy aubergine & tomato/chilli thang in da wok.

Yeah baby.

Glad you skipped the VOLCANO!

dickvandyke said...

Will you play a 'slowie' at the end?

I washed the car earlier. And now it looks like the bottom of an ash-tray. Iceland - banker Bjork Magnus Magnusson gushing geyser types. And where did all these 'volcanologists' suddenly come from? Sans pointy ears too.

drew said...

I did miss the volcano.

I can't believe that there are fucking people moaning about flights, would they rather be flying through abrasive dust, these very same people would be the ones looking for compen if they survived the plane crashing.

Lucky it was thursday and not wednesday, the thought of being stranded in Luton is far too grim to contemplate. Where as an extra night in the Belfast Malmaison would have been good.