Friday 18 September 2020

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance (In A Socially Distant Stylee)


Back once again to nobody's great joy for the series that returns more often than a cold sore.

I have no idea who Marcu Rarers is but on his Bandcamp page it says Romania, so I take it that is where he hails from. This long meandering slab of deep house may break no boundaries but it really appeals to me.

Have a good weekend people and stay safe.

Does anybody know how to embed a Bandcamp track on New Blogger? Because I'm fucked if I can work it out so you just have to click on the link below, sorry. It is worth it though


Swiss Adam said...

Nope, can't help. Blogger have fucked it right up, it's a mess.

Eric S. said...

tomy great joy, tbh--thank you.