Monday 8 June 2020

Monday's Long Song

Another week begins and the only thing that I am certain of is that something will happen that no one will be expecting and will be given the tag "unprecedented", although I'm not sure even Trump can trump tear gassing a peaceful crowd and then walking to a church to get a photo op holding up,  the wrong way up to begin with a book that he has never read and certainly has never adhered to any of the teachings within it. Strange times indeed.

Back to the music then and a remix by Esperanza of the lead track from Walls, the London duo's second album, Coracle and was included on the Coracle Remix download album. 

Walls - Into Our Midst (Esperanza mix)


Swiss Adam said...

Great track.

The daily uncertainty and the speed of events is bewildering but you also sort of get used to it.

The Swede said...

Sitting down with a beer after work and this tune is hitting the spot nicely.