Monday 17 September 2018

You Don't Care

Pervis Lee was a popular singer in the 1960s and 70s in his native Chrlotte, North Carolina where we could be found plying his trade at Country Clubs and private parties. From what I can gather from checking out the two albums he released on local label, Snyder Album Co,  he didn't pin himself down to one style, singing Gospel, Soul, Jazz and R&B. The track I am most familiar with is a rather brillianr piece of bass and sax driven soul called You Don't Care which found it's way onto Soul playlists and as a result was released as a limited 7" by the Austrian label Record Shack in 2014. The single has two versions of the song, the full version and a shortened edit where the sax solo and run out has been shortened. A bit overpriced at the moment, the cheapest on Discogs priced at £67.15 which seems excessive for a record released 4 years ago but that's the vinyl market at the moment, utterly baffling as I have found when cataloguing my records in Discogs database.

Pervis Lee - You Don't Care


The Swede said...

I'm a sucker from a brass section that verges on playing slightly flat. There's probably a technical term for the sound that I'm unaware of. I've got several examples in my own collection, a great Howlin' Wolf track, a few reggae tunes. 'You Don't Care' fits right into that bracket. Just delicious.
It was a nice surprise to see you pop up on my sidebar this morning Drew. I hope this is more than a flying visit.

George said...

Very good. That raw, flat feel, it reminds of tracks onthe Boddie Recordings set I have.

Swiss Adam said...

Welcome back. Keep 'em coming.

Brian said...

This goes to show how often I look at my own blog, including the blogroll. I just noticed you have made a couple of appearances this week. Good to have you around, my good man, and this song is so very you. Nobody else in our little sphere plays stuff like Pervis Lee. Damn, this gets the whole body moving. More!

Anonymous said...

What Brian said. Literally everything.