Wednesday 26 September 2018

Am I Here? Of Course I Am, Yes

I was driving down to Leeds on Monday afternoon for work and there was nothing on Radio 4 so I fired up the Touch on shuffle. About five or six songs in, "Fast Blood" from the Midnight Organ Fight came on and after about thirty secods I found my eyes welling up and started to cry, tears streaming down my face and I thought that I was going to have to pull over.

I was surprised by my reaction, as firstly,  I thought that I had come to terms with the death of Scott Hutchison, About six weeks ago I was able to play the Midnight Organ Fight in it's entirety, prior to this every time I had tried to listen since May I had found it too difficult and had taken it off knowing that the further it wenbt on the more painful it would be.

The other reason I was surprised was that it was Fast Blood that had brought this reaction, I'm not saying that it isn't a great song but it's a track which had never made me overly emotional previously unlike, Head Rolls Off, My Backwards Walk or Poke all of which would lead to me at least having a lump in my throat even prior to the tragic events that unfolded earlier this year. But on Monday that intro, the bit when the drums break in and Scott's yearning vocal just hit me like a steamroller and by the the time the oh, ohs came in I was wrecked!

I began to wonder,  that if this is how it feels like for someone who just knew Scott through his music, how must it feel, for his friends, band members and especially his parents and brother Grant who I'm sure will never get over this tragedy.

Frightened Rabbit - Fast Blood (Live At Urban Outfitters: SxSW 2007

The picture above is from Electric Fields at the end of August where on the Friday night the song below was played over the PA on the Main Stage at 19:45 which was a rather emotional affair but not quite as much as the tribute at Belladrum, a festival that the Frabbits had played regularly,  where The Midnight Organ Fight was played in full.

Frightened Rabbit - The Loneliness And The Scream

Remember talking helps.


Someone Said said...

His death really had an impact on me, more so than the loss of recent others.

Brian said...

Sadly, there are some deaths we just never get over. I’m still having trouble listening to 21st century Bowie, and his death wasn’t nearly as tragic. Hang in there, Drew.

JC said...

As I said when we met up, I had to force myself to sit in the open air in the blazing sunshine one lunchtime outside my office and listen to 'Midnight Organ Fight'. It was the only way I felt I could ever listen to FR ever was tough but I got there.

I've now celebrated Scott a couple of times with the airing of tunes at the Simply Thrilled nights. And I'll do so every single time we have such a night. It's the only way.....