Wednesday 19 September 2018

Magic Potion

This was going to be a post on a mod/Freakbeat single that I eventually got my mitts on, on lovely 7" inch vinyl a few weeks ago after being on my wants list for years, sadly not the original which would have set me back a good few hundred quid, if I could have found one. The one I got is a repressing of dubious legality I assume but the sound is very good and I'm not averse to owning a bootleg or two. As I said I was going to post it but it appears that I already did last February, it can be found here if you're interested. Old age doesn't come itself as they say.

Instead here is an altogether different beast originally from 1969, a piece of psychedelia from Putney South London. The Open Mind had been going a couple of years pripr to releasing Magic Potion, the band's second single. The time spent hanging around with Jimi Hendrix and Soft Machine obviously rubbed off on them, what with the fuzzed out guitar, drug related lyrics the tune is very psychedelic. The version posted is the Soundhog re-edit from 2013 which takes the track further out there and giving the track a Hawkwindy feel for me

The Open Mind - Magic Potion (Soundhog edit)


The Swede said...

Far out - Putney rocks!

Swiss Adam said...

Far out indeed.

Dirk said...

Two posts in two days, what can that mean, I wonder ...?! Hope there is more to come soon, my friend, I really missed you!