Monday 24 September 2018

Monday's Long Song

A few months ago I posted "Do Your Thing by Isaac Hayes ans the Swede happened to comment that he thought that it might be a good idea if we all posted a long song on a Monday. I quite liked this idea and during my time in the wilderness, the Swede's comment popped into my head a couple of times and so at the weekend I thought why the hell not. I love a piece of music that goes on for a while, years of training with all the hippy stuff and then Weatherall, the Orb etc. So prepare yourself on a Monday for tunes that outstay their welcome and leave you think at the end, well that's at least ten minutes of my life that I will not see again. Or you could just not bother.

In 2016 through Pledge Music, the Raveonettes came up with a novel idea, you could pledge your money for their new album either on cd or vinyl and each month you would receive one track per month in your in-box as an MP3 and at the end of the year the full album in the format that you pledged for,. It didn't quite turn out like that as the album eventually appeared at the end of April 2017, by far not the most delayed PledgeMusic album that I have waited for, that accolade would go jointly to  SLF and The Orb.

What the hell has this got to do with long songs you may ask as all Raveonettes tracks are usually short, sharp noisy affairs. This is true but the final track which appeared in my inbox in December took me by surprise, a 12 minute tune by the Raveonettes, shurely shome mishtake? On when you listen to it, it's definitely Sune and Sharin but somewhat extended and with keyboards. Personally I love it, the album is patchy and due to the manner in which it was produced rather disjointed but on the whole it was a worthwhile experiment, although a pretty dark one.

The Raveonettes - Pendejo


Charity Chic said...

Once did a mixtape for a pal with songs over 10 mins
Can’t remember everything on it but Marquee Moon and Isaac Hayes’ version of By the Time I Get to Phoenix featured as did Dynamos v Tornados by Real Sounds of Africa

John Medd said...

What a snazzy idea. I can see me hitching my caravan to this one of these Mondays.

TheRobster said...

Just when I'm lacking inspiration, here's a bandwagon I might be able to jump on. Look out next Monday!

There were a few decent tracks on that Raveonettes album/experiment. Excuses is probably my favourite, but Where Are You Wild Horses was lovely.