Tuesday 23 January 2018

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Last night I was searching my itunes for a particular Pink Floyd track when I came across this little gem from Aphex Twin that I had forgotten about. You may be asking why I was looking for POink Floyd in the first place? Well I like the Floyd, deal with it.

A few years ago on soundcloud a couple of hundred tracks appeared on Soundcloud tagged to user48736353001 which turned out to be tracks by the one and only Richard D James aka Aphex Twin. The archive was made up of unreleased tracks produced from the late 80s to the mid 90s all in 320 kbps Mp3s which were downloadable. Which was rather generous of the techno innovator. Quite a few of the tracks came with notes by James, for 20 Pink Floyd he stated "Didn't have many records to sample back then and the girl who lived next door had a floyd lp, never listened to them then or since, just bagged the sample and made the tune, few different versions of it, been in the atic (sic) for all these years". Now, I don't want to question Mr James' honesty but if he had never listened to Floyd, then how did he know what bit he wanted to sample. I have no such qualms about stating on record that I have listened to Pink Floyd on more than a few occasions and love them, well most of their stuff. I lost interest once Roger Waters parted company with the rest of the band, finding his solo work better to that of the then trio's.

Aphex Twin - 20 Pink Floyd


JC said...

"Last night I was searching my itunes for a particular Pink Floyd track"

Fuckin hippie.

Coke said...

Nice one mate ,nice, from the Oban hippie

Swiss Adam said...

Not arsed about Floyd but the Aphex twin track is a beaut.