Monday 22 January 2018

Keep On Pushing Love

The first time I heard this track was when I went over to the dark side and spent some time in the Modern room at a Togetherness Weekender, well after about 50 hours of nearly non stop northern a bit of a change was in order. Imagine my surprise when sometime later while reading, I heard the very same song coming from the TV when L was watching Ally McBeal, a TV show if I remember rightly more than a few soul staples were murdered by a very bland, blonde singer.

Al Green - Keep On Pushing Love


George said...

A Togetherness Weekender sounds like one of those new-age hippy well-being couples therapy thingies. And for some reason I can't imagine you attending one of them.

drew said...

You are correct George, no new age hippy shit bollocks for me. The Togetherness weekender's were Northern Soul weekends at the Cala Grand Holiday Park in Fleetwood, three days of soul, soul and more soul,

JC said...

Thank fuck for the explanation. I was in a state of panic for a few others thinking you'd once been kidnapped by extra-terrestrials or just folk from Motherwell.

BTW....this is a killer tune!

Brian said...

There is no mistaking it. That’s the Reverend. Even your mention of Ally McBeal isn’t spoiling this one.