Friday 26 August 2016

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I read somewhere recently that the 16th of next month sees the 20th Anniversary of the release of Better Living Through Chemistry, Fatboy Slim's debut album. I know that it's a cliche on reading such things to state that it makes you feel old and you don't know what happened to the time but the truth is it does and I don't. I remember buying this album from Fopp on Byres Road and flogging it to death at volume for quite a while, although at least three of the tracks were familiar to me having been released either as singles or on the first Brassic Beats compilation. It sounds slightly dated now but is still great fun. I've posted The Sound of Milwaukee before, however it appears that I haven't ripped the whole album, only that,  Everybody Needs a 303, Song For Lindy and 10th and Crenshaw, I was sure that the whole thing had been done a while ago, possible after the last time I did a Fatboy or Big Beat post but obviously not. It will be rectified by the end of the weekend but for now you will have to be happy with a repeat.

This weekend as there is no home game I am going to try and get more miles on the scooter so I can hopefully open it up before the snow starts.

Have a good weekend people.

Fatboy Slim - The Sound of Milwaukee

and as a bonus, here is a belter of a track that wasn't on the album (in the UK anyway) but the b-side of the Going Out Of My Head 12".

Fatboy Slim - Next To Nothing


JC said... gotta do some awaydays at the fitba

I went up to Tannadice yesterday, not expecting much, and to be honest we could have and should have been buried by 30 minutes in. But we somehow got a wonder goal back just before the break and then dominated the second half, equalising with an even better strike with about 20 minutes to go.

Went back home on the train buzzing and with a huge smile on my face.

drew said...

I really don't have the time to go every Saturday JC. Ever forthright is just about doable although it doesn't really work out that way these days.