Thursday 25 August 2016

FSOL Excursions - My Kingdom

My Kingdom is the third and final instalment in this short series and for me this is the best of the three, an absolute classic. It is a lot darker than the other two tracks, the album that it comes from Dead Cities, is a quite disturbing vision of a dystopian future. This maybe ambient Jim but not as we've known it. My Kingdom always makes me think of the Samye Ling Budhist temple in Eskdalemuir as it contains a sample from Ozric Tentacles whom I first heard and heard of from Maurice the monk on one of the occasion we went to visit him there. There are other recognisable samples in the track taken from the soundtracks of Once Upon A Time In America and Bladerunner which add the cinematic feel to the track.  I have a vague recollection to seeing a video late one night on MTV for this track but there is a distinct possibility that I have made that up or dreamt it after one too many smokes on the post club comedown somewhere as when I searched you tube there is a rather good video for the single version but not the whole thing and I was sure the one I watched was a lot longer than that.. Anyway, the track is well worth twenty seven minutes of your time as is the Dead Cities album.

The Future Sound of London - My Kingdom


Swiss Adam said...

Smashing stuff Drew. Keep going!

Walter said...

Wonderful stuff Drew. Listening to this almost 30 minutes was like a trip to outer space.