Friday 14 August 2015

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Again it's back to 1990 for another track from the soundtrack to A Short Film About Chilling. The weather last week on the Kintyre peninsula couldn't have been further from what I would expect in the Balearics  what with the horizontal rain, the force nine gale and when the rain stopped long enough to get on the beach the ice cold water, still I was probably a lot more rested than I would have been after a week back in the day if I had bothered to go to Ibiza. I know nothing about this tune apart from it is a German production by Lutz Ludwig, who is no longer with us and on the label it states Berlin (West) which somehow makes it feel very old indeed.

Have a good weekend people.

L.U.P.O - Heaven Or Hell (Extended mix)

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Anonymous said...

Great gif.
Swiss Adam