Sunday 30 August 2015

Mellow Sunday

Feeling remarkable alright today after the family b-b-q yesterday. The rain stayed away and earlier in the day Airdrie won by a solitary goal in probably one of the direst games I have had the misfortune to watch. Still a win's a win.

Today's track is from Holly Williams excellent first album, The Ones We Never Knew. I'm sure she gets pissed off with this but Ms Williams is the latest member of her family to grace the recording studio as her father is Hank Williams Jnr and her grandfather then obviously was Hank Williams Snr. The album is well worth purchasing.

Holly Williams - I'll Only Break Your Heart

1 comment:

Charity Chic said...

She probably gets fed up with the family connections but it is good publicity I suppose.
I have The Ones We Never Knew which is pretty good also.
She is much better than her old man but let's face it that wouldn't be difficult.
Her half brother Hank III is pretty good too