Saturday 22 August 2015

Boy's Own Recordings - The Twelves #1

Whilst rifling through the 12" singles trying to work out just how many of the tracks from A Short Film About Chilling I inevitable pulled out Raise by Bocca Juniors and while playing it an idea for a series came to me, why not post all off the Boy's Own records in order.  After all I did buy them all except one, which really isn't worth bothering about. Then I wondered what would be the point, as quite a few of the tracks had been featured here previously and the rest will have popped up one time or another on the other blogs that we all frequent.  But then I decided, fuck it, I haven't came up with anything better recently and I will try and post the mixes that don't get featured very often where possible.

Everyone knows the Boy's Own story, a bunch of chancers decided to produce a fanzine poking fun at the club culture of the mid 80s, only to end up as leading lights and taste makers in the next phase of that culture, hosting parties, djing and producing "music for Blue's Beano's and Barndances". Twenty nine years after the first fanzine was printed most of them are still involved in club culture and making music.

The first single on the label was the incredible Raise by Bocca Juniors, according to Weatherall a record made by committee and none the worse for it. The line up for the record was Terry Farley, Andrew Weatherall, Hugo Nicolson and Pete Heller, the vocals were sung by Anna Haig and Protege contributes the rap. The record owes a lot of it's appeal to the genius use of snatch of Jesus On The Payroll by Thrashing Doves  from a few years previously.

The single came out  in 1990 on 12" CD and 7" with a distinctive cover, another cool thing about Boy's Own was their graphics, very distinctive. Their was also a remix twelve with a couple of versions by Tackhead, which I was going to post but at the moment can't locate the 12", so I will go for Philly House Skank and the Heavenly Rap which both sounded particularly fine last evening.

Bocca Juniors - Raise (63 Steps To Heaven) Philly House Skank

Bocca Juniors - Raise (63 Steps To Heaven) Heavenly Rap


Swiss Adam said...

Good stuff Drew. This is a good single and that sample still sounds superb. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Walter said...

Great song. Also looking forward to this series.