Tuesday 11 August 2015

Curtis Harding

I stumbled across this guy a few months ago and bought this single. I them decided to gamble on the debut album, Soul Power and am glad that I did as it was well worth the money. The sound reminds me a lot of the 70s output of that other Curtis, Mayfield although nothing here quite matches Mayfield at his best it is very good and a worthy addition to the record collection of anybody who is partial to a little soul music,

I'm in London with work from today until Friday and have had no time to complete any posts apart from a very rushed Friday dance thing.  So,  sorry but nothing here until then.

Curtis Harding - Keep On Shining


The Swede said...

A new name to me. Good stuff.

Someone Said said...

If you like him give Leon Bridges a spin.

Simon said...

I quite like the album, I think it's better in that retro soul style than the Alabama Shakes album. That one just hurt my ears, the production was really dodgy, and not enough..song. I don't think this is going to be a long laster, but it's worth a few spins till Christmas. The Leon Bridges is pretty good too.