Monday 10 August 2015

Annette Snell

It isn't just Country music that comes out of Nashville, Tennessee, this might fine piece of smouldering soul was recorded there at the Soundshop and released on the local  Dial records label in 1973.

You Oughta Be Here With Me was the biggest hit for Florida born and previous member of the Fabulettes,Annette Snell. She had a further couple of hits the following year. In 1977 she was signed to Epic Records and recording with the Swampers session musicians in Muscle Shoals. After one of the sessions for her album she was tragically killed on her way home to Atlanta when Southern Airways flight 242 crashed in New Hope Georgia due to bad weather.

Annette Snell - You Oughta Be Here With Me

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Darcy said...

There are a few records in my collection that I will always remember exactly when and where I found them. This is one of them. I bought my copy of this in 2004. I was working on the outskirts of Atlanta at the time and found a little record shop in Clarkston (with a railtrack running down the middle of the road, and next door to the record shop a little West Indian run cafe). Bought quite a few singles in there at a $1 or 2 a piece, this was one of them.

Just google mapped Clarkston to New Hope - it's 89 miles - just down the road in Georgia terms.

She had a great voice, such a loss.