Thursday 15 January 2015

The Pale

George over at Jim McLean's Rabbit posted Buffalo by Stump last week and I automatically thought of The Pale for some reason, not sure why as they sound absolutely nothing like each other. Dogs With No Tails was the first single from the Irish band's first album and the only thing that I ever bought by them so I can't tell you if anything else is any good but I do like this single.#

The Pale - Dogs With No Tails


Simon said...

That haircut on the left is very much like Mick Lynch's, Stump's singer. I worked with Mick's wife years ago. He was a nice bloke, very mellow. He had to be, cos she was a wild one.

thegreatgog66 said...

Only single of theirs I ever bought as well. Recently rediscovered it when "tidying up". I can see why I bought it at the time.

Jimmy said...

Drew dropping in for the first time in ages and you post what was a big favorite in the flat!
Hope you and family are well perhaps this year we will hook up!!