Monday 6 October 2014

Something Moves Me

Vicki Anderson is probably best known for being the female singer in James Brown's revue from 1965 until 1968 when she was replaced by Martha Whitney only to return to the band the following year for a further three year stint. Prior to this and during this period she released singles under both the name Vicki Anderson and her real name of Myra Barnes. Brown has stated that Anderson was the best singer he ever worked with, high praise indeed and when you hear her sing it's hard to disagree with the man.

(Something Moves Me) Within My Heart was actually the flip side of her version of the Sam Cook song You Send Me. released on King Records in 1966. It's a good version if you happen to like the song but I have to admit it's not one that does much for me. Something Move Me however does push my button, it is a bit poppy with basic lyrics, however the vocal delivery is something else. For further evidence of how good her voice is check out Baby Don't You Know or I'll Work It Out.

Vicki Anderson - (Something Moves Me) Within My Heart

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